Welcome to the Genealogy site for the Bakewell Family, including information on the Page, Campbell, de Laureal, and de Coudroy families. We are working on adding data from the "Bakewell - de Laureal - Munroe Genealogy" compiled by Harry Boland.

This web site is a work in progress. It is designed to serve as a clearing house for information for members of these families and other interested parties. We hope to have frequent updates as the number of users grows. Please refer other members of the families or interested parties to the site and help it become a major resource for the Bakewell family.

In the Resources section you will find a number of resources including a digital, searchable edition of the Bakewell, Page Campbell book originally compiled by B. G. Bakewell in 1898. You will also find documents related to the de Coudroy and de Laureal families from Guadeloupe.

The Family Tree section provides information on a Bakewell family tree located on Ancestry.com. Links are provided to gain access to the tree.

The Data section contains information on how to contribute data or documents for the site or the family tree.